Rob Domenech, Executive Director, Raptor Research Institute
Copy_of_Facetoface_copyRob Domenech, Executive Director of Raptor View Research Institute (RVRI), began exploring much of western Montana during the 1990s to locate a suitable site for establishing the first mountaintop raptor migration banding study in Montana. He founded RVRI in 2004 to facilitate this ongoing in-depth research of Golden Eagle and other raptor migration ecology. His work includes standardized migration counts, satellite tracking, feather isotope analysis, wing-tagging, morphometric analysis, examination of blood contaminant levels and more. RVRI's data and analysis has contributed to numerous studies, some of which have been published in peer review journals such as, The Journal of Raptor Research, The Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology and Northwestern Naturalist. Rob graduated from the University of Montana in 2002 with a Wildlife Biology degree. When not in the field, you can find Rob promoting awareness of raptor ecology to youth and community groups. Rob enjoys whitewater kayaking, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking and bird watching.

Noel Nies-Nesmith

noel_niesnesmithNoel Nies-Nesmith is a Montana transplant from somewhere below the Mason-Dixon. She moved to Missoula in 1997 and quickly realized she had finally found her home. She graduated from the University of Montana with a degree in Wildlife Biology and worked with RVRI for several fall trapping seasons. She also worked with other non-profit and state agencies conducting avian field research. After finding her love for educating those around her, she returned to graduate school to earn a Master of Education. She currently teaches Special Education and support classes at Seeley-Swan High School and lives in Seeley Lake, MT with her husband and two furry friends (dogs not people). Noel has been a board member since the inception of RVRI and continues to find her way to the trapping blind when the birds are calling. Her favorite raptor is an American Kestrel. “You may find them everywhere, but if I had half the sense and a third of the guts as a kestrel, I would be superhuman.”

Kathy Gray PhD

kathy_gray150Kathy migrated west from New Jersey as fast as she could after high school graduation. She spent many years in Missoula, MT studying both Wildlife Biology and Statistics. She spent her summers working for the Forest Service as a biological technician. After completing her Bachelor's in Wildlife Biology she moved to the dark side and studied statistics. She earned a PhD in Statistics from the University of Montana in 2007. She accepted a tenure-track position at California State University in Chico. Her professional interests are environmental modeling. Kathy is directly involved in several of RVRI’s Golden Eagle studies. When not working, she enjoys kayaking and snowboarding. She is happily married and recently adopted a rescued dog named Rummy.


Adam Shreading, Full Time Biologist 

Adam Shreading, Biologist, Raptor View Research InstituteAdam Shreading graduated from the University of Montana in 2009 with a degree in Wildlife Biology. He began working exclusively with raptors in 2007, and has monitored populations of various species across Montana. Adam first came to RVRI as a seasonal field biologist during the fall migration of 2010, and became increasingly involved in RVRI’s field studies over the next two years. Since becoming a full-time member of our team in August 2012, Adam has been a valuable asset in the planning, execution, and reporting of RVRI’s field-based activities.


Board of Directors

  • Rob Domenech, President - Missoula, Montana
  • Kathy Gray, PhD, Secretary - Chico, California
  • Victoria Parks, Treasurer - Missoula, Montana
  • Kelly Castleberry, Director - Missoula, Montana
  • Noel Nies-Nesmith, Director - Missoula, Montana