Potomac_school_2010RVRI continues to offer free, hands-on outdoor educational workshops for local school groups, youth homes, college students, community organizations, the general public, and for charitable events. We feel that ‘the informal, non-traditional classroom’ is a great way to augment conventional approaches to learning, while exposing students to a very unique outdoor education experience. We are able to involve students from a variety of backgrounds and circumstances in all aspects of raptor research, and introduce them to key ecological principles, raptor ecology, and conservation biology.

In 2009 we had over 200 participants take part in our programs!

Raptor View’s Education Curriculum

RVRI offers a comprehensive educational curriculum designed and written by Noel Nies- Nesmith, as part of her Masters Degree in Education. Noel deftly merges field research techniques and classroom learning into an informative, fun and complete format designed primarily for middle and high school age students.

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Participants in our educational programs include:

Audubon Society, Missoula Youth Homes (MYH), Seeley-Swan High School, Potomac School, Willard Alternative High School, Flagship Youth Program, WORD (Summer Arts and Leadership Camp, Learning Times Child Care), Clark Fork Watershed Education Project, Natural History Center, and others.

All the participants of our programs experience a unique view into wildlife research and conservation that few people ever see. We feel this particularly important with the kids, as we instill in them, an appreciation for the often misunderstood ‘bird of prey.’

Day in the Field

RVRI donates a day in the field for local community fundraisers, charitable events and other non-profit organizations. The day is spent working with RVRI biologists on one of our research projects. Participants assist directly in all aspects of our field work. We enjoy sharing our research and are glad we can help. Our days in the field have brought in donations of up to $1,000 for these very worthwhile charitable events.

Groups and charities include: The Natural History Center, AniMeals, Missoula Children’s Museum, Montana Audubon, Missoula Carousel Association, Footloose Montana, Jayden Summerfield Fund, NPR Public Radio, YMCA (Christine Doyle Fundraiser), Traveler’s Rest Preservation and Heritage Association, Paxon School (art curriculum fundraiser) and others.

Please feel free to contact us if you think we can help.