Our latest wing-tagged Golden Eagle (GOEA) encounter is part of our mark/re-capture project on GOEAs captured during fall migration near Lincoln, MT.
The trail cam image shows eagle tag #195 feeding on a deer carcass near McCoy, CO. The camera was set-up by a private landowner who contacted CO Parks & Wildlife to learn more about the tagged eagle. GOEA 195 looked feather perfect (excepting the blue wing tags, of course).

To date, we have tagged roughly 200 GOEAs. Our encounter rate is 17%, more than doubles the rate of standard band return/encounters for eagles. We have had re-sightings from Alaska to Mexico. Attached to this note, along with several photos and Google earth images, is our slightly outdated wing-tag encounter map. We are in the process of building a new map to include 195. This is our fourth encounter via trail cam and first of 2013. We expect an increase in remote encounters as more researchers and lay people use these cameras.

2 Jan. 2013 (wing-tag encounter/mortality)
Golden Eagle (band number 0709-01900, wing-tag C-195)
Encountered: 2 Jan. 2013
Location: McCoy, Colorado
Banded: 17 Oct. 2012
Location:  Nora Ridge (Helena National Forest, Lincoln, MT)
Age: Time of banding (HY)
Age: Time of encounter (SY)
Sex: Male
Mass: 3600 grams/7.9 lbs
Lead: 1.3 μg/dl (very low-background)
Isotope:  N/A
Encounter Condition: Alive and well. Photographed via trail cam set up on deer carcass.

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