Observations were conducted from September 15th through October 30th. During the 46 day count period, three days were suspended due to unworkable weather conditions. A total of 2,700 raptors were counted in 277 hours of observation (10.1 raptors/hour), comprised of 17 species, including Turkey Vultures. The Golden Eagle total was 1,448. Peak flight days were September 27th and October 10th with 128 and 177 raptors respectively. Golden Eagles com- prised 53 percent of all observed migrants.

Golden Eagle (GE): A total of 1,448 were recorded this season between September 15 and October 30. Of the 1,448, 86 were recorded in September and 1,362 in October. Peak counts per day were 91, 147, 107 and 128 on October 10th, 11th , 12th and 14th , respectively. This year’s total was 24% above the 2007-2013 average of 1,170, due in-part to very favorable weather and flight conditions throughout the peak Golden Eagle flight.

Banding Summary Nora Ridge

Banding took place September 17th through October 21st. We captured 41 Golden Eagles in total - a new season high!